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Who We Are

Mutual Savings was established in 1933 by eight Atlanta Gas Light Company employees who pooled their funds together to establish the Credit Union.  Recall in 1933 it was the great depression when more than 5,000 banks failed and the unemployment rate peaked at twenty-five percent.  It was a time when Atlanta Gas Light Company employees were in desperate need of inexpensive credit and reliable financial services.   It cost 35 cents to get approval from Georgia’s Secretary of State and Mutual Savings Credit Union was born.  Deposits and membership fees were stored in a cigar box - secured in the company’s safe.  Over eighty years later, Mutual Savings now serves more than 6,000 members and manages over $70 million in assets.  We pride ourselves in helping our members afford life.

As a member of our Credit Union, you have special privileges that others don't have. Not just anyone can join Mutual Savings Credit Union. We serve a select group of people - employees, retirees and family members of AGL Resources, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies.

Once a member, always a member.

Your membership is for a lifetime. It is not affected by a job change, retirement or place of residence. The only requirement is that you keep at least $5 in your regular share (savings) account and continue to use our services.

Employer and Employee Benefits

Membership in MSCU is an ongoing benefit to employees of AGL Resources, subsidiaries and associates of participating companies or groups. As a full-service financial institution, the Credit Union:

  • Provides security for funds, with accounts insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a U.S. government agency.
  • Offers a full line of free or discounted financial products and services such as used vehicle loans for low-credit score borrowers, small value personal loans, savings programs, mortgages and accounts with fewer fees and minimum balance requirements
  • Provides dependable, friendly, personalized service.
  • Provides printed materials for the introduction and promotion of services.
  • Offers convenience through a nationwide network of shared branches and no surcharge ATMs.
  • Increases members' knowledge of financial options.
  • Extends membership privileges to family members.
  • Places members’ interests first.