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Who We Are

You make the difference

As a member of our credit union, you have special privileges that others don't have. Not just anyone can join Mutual Savings Credit Union. We serve a select group of people. To be eligible you must be an employee, both active and retired of AGL Resources, subsidiaries, and affiliates, such as Southstar, Energy Services, LLC, and all other related companies/corporations whereby AGL Resources, has ownership of 5% or more. Employees contracted to AGL Resources, and their successors, who work in and around Atlanta, Georgia. This includes persons related by blood, adoption, or marriage to, or living in the same household with, a person within the common bond, and to the surviving spouses of deceased members.

Being a shareholder and owner of the credit union is one member privilege. Your membership gives you a voice in all credit union elections, but even better, it gives you a return on your money. Unlike other financial institutions, we are a non-profit organization, which means that profits above the required reserves are returned to you in the form of higher dividends on savings and lower rates on loans.

To join the credit union, simply open a share/savings account. To open your account, just complete a membership application and make an opening deposit of at least $5.00. Once you join, you and your family have a lifetime membership, even if you change employment or move, "Once a member, always a member."

Our Mission

To become an innovative primary financial institution consistent with member needs with services delivered in a courteous and responsive manner.