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Who Can Join

To become a member of Mutual Savings Credit Union, simply complete the following:

  1. Complete membership application
  2. Complete required $5.00 minimum deposit

The field of membership shall mean employees, both active and retired, of AGL Resources, Inc., subsidiaries, and affiliates, such as SouthStar, Energy Services, LLC, and all other related companies/corporations whereby AGL Resources, Inc has ownership of 5% or more, are also eligible for the field of membership.

Employees contracted to AGL Resources, and their successors, who work in and around Atlanta, Georgia, are also eligible for the field of membership.

Persons related by blood, adoption, married to, or living in the same household with persons within the common bond, and surviving spouses of deceased members are eligible for membership.

Persons related as cousins to current members are not eligible for membership.

Applicants eligible for a Mutual Savings Credit Union membership are:

  • AGL Resources employees, retirees and contractors
  • Immediate family members of AGL Resources employees and contractors
  • AGL Resources subsidiaries and affiliates employees
  • Employees, and immediate family members, of companies and corporations in which AGL Resources holds a 5% or greater share of ownership
  • All About Gas Inc
  • Benton Georgia Inc
  • C.E.D.S. Construction Company
  • Coosa Valley Contractors Inc
  • D. Lance Souther Inc
  • Flint Construction Company
  • Gas Connections
  • General Pipeline Company
  • Georgia Contacting Company
  • Harrison and Harrison
  • Hiwassee Construction Company
  • Hunter Utility Construction
  • Krauss Construction Company
  • Mid-South Pipeline Construction
  • Natural Gas Specialties
  • Northern Pipeline Construction
  • Ross and Sons Utility
  • Standard Contractors
  • T T & C Inc
  • T.B. Landmark Construction
  • Thomas Utility Contractors
  • W.E. Curling
  • Hamby & Associates
  • Buford Finance
  • Alliance Data - now Vertex Outsourcing or Infosys
  • Utilities Protection Center Inc
  • Taste E Productions
  • Crimson Oak Consulting

Employer and Employee Benefits

Membership in MSCU is an ongoing benefit to employees and associates of participating companies or groups. As a full-service financial institution, the credit union:

  • Provides security for funds, with accounts insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. government agency.
  • Offers a full line of free or discounted financial products and services.
  • Provides dependable, friendly, personalized service.
  • Provides printed materials for the introduction and promotion of services.
  • Offers convenience.
  • Increases members' knowledge of financial options.
  • Extends membership privileges to family members.
  • Places members' interests first.