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Dormant Account Status – Action Required

Each year we are required to review all member accounts to ensure that there has been transaction activity or documented member contact within the last 5 years. For the purpose of this review, the posting of accrued interest to accounts does not constitute transaction activity.

If MSCU cannot demonstrate there has been transaction activity or cannot document member contact then the credit union is required, by law, to close Dormant Accounts and remit any remaining account balances to The State of Georgia – Department of Revenue. This will be done on November 1 of each year.

Dormant Account letters are mailed in August. If you received a Dormant Account letter, then your account qualifies as “Dormant” and you have until the middle of October to contact us.

Please call or write MSCU and tell us what you want to do with your account – Keep the Account Open or Close the Account.

If you call, we will ask you to verify your identity to ensure we are dealing with the member/owner of the account. If you write, please provide a phone number we can contact you at or sign your letter so we can compare your signature with our records.

These security steps are necessary to protect your money, your privacy, and your confidential personal information.

Please attend to this matter as soon as possible.

Any MSCU representative will assist you when you call or write.

Contact Informationcall MSCU at (404) 584-4754 or toll-free at (800) 771-6695

or write to us at 10 Peachtree Place, Atlanta, GA 30309.